(Don’t forget you saw all these listed in F.D.R.’s website)


dog was named Cabal and you can see his gravesite in Britain?

horse was a mare named Llamrei and you can see her hoofprint in Wales?

mantle was purple (signifying Roman royalty) and had four gold-red apples in each corner, each worth a hundred cows? And additionally, this mantle was named Gwynn and had the magical property of rendering a man invisible when he was wrapped in it?

ship was named Prydwyn?

knife was named Carnwennen?

shield was named Wynebgwthucher?

spear was named Rhongomyniad, called Rhon for short?

scabbard was unnamed, but had the magical power that whoever wore it could not be killed in battle?

sword Excalibur was also called called Caliburn, Caliburnus, and Caledvwlch?

sword was reposited in a lake named Bosherston, Loe Pool, Dozmary Pool, Brue in Glastonbury, Llyn Llydaw, and Llyn Ogwen, depending upon which account you read?

Round Table was allegedly given to him as a wedding present by Leodegrance, Guinevere’s father?

profile is naturally silhouetted in a cliff at Tintagel?

court has been labeled as Celliwig, Celliwic, Kelliwig, Kelliwic, Kerriwig, Kelliwic, Caerleon, Winchester, Killibury, Callington, Padstow, Kelly Rounds, and South Cadbury–and those are just a few of the places identified as “Camelot”

gravesite is claimed to be at St. David’s Head, Dorstone, Preseli Mountains, Slaughter Bridge in Cornwall, and Glastonbury, to name just a few?